The Fund's shareholders are 26 insurance companies, including 8 life insurance companies.

Register of securities holders as of 03/01/2023

General insurance companies

  1. JSC "Insurance company "Amanat"
  2. JSC "Insurance company "Freedom Finance Insurance"
  3. JSC "Insurance company "Jusan Garant"
  4. JSC Insurance company "Basel"
  5. JSC "Insurance company "ASKO"
  6. JSC "Insurance Company "Victoria"
  7. JSC "Insurance company "Eurasia"
  8. JSC "Grain Insurance Company"
  9. JSC "Kazakh Corporation of Health and Medical Insurance "INTERTEACH"
  10. JSC "Insurance company "Kazakhmys"
  11. JSC "Insurance company "Kommesk-Omir"
  12. JSC "Insurance company "London-Almaty"
  13. JSC "Insurance company "Nomad Insurance"
  14. JSC "Oil Insurance Company"
  15. JSC "Insurance Company "Centras Insurance"
  16. JSC "Insurance company "TransOil"
  17. JSC "Subsidiary Organization of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan "Insurance Company" Halyk "
  18. JSC "Insurance Company "Sinoasia B&R"

Life insurance companies

  1. JSC "Life insurance company "Freedom Finance Life"
  2. JSC "Life insurance company "Nomad Life"
  3. JSC "Life insurance company "Standard Life"
  4. JSC "Life Insurance Company "State Annuity Company"
  5. JSC "Life insurance company "Eurasia"
  6. JSC "Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan for life insurance "Halyk-Life"
  7. JSC "Life insurance company "KM Life"
  8. JSC "Life insurance company "Centras Kommesk Life"
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