The Europrotocol is a quick way to formalize an accident without calling the traffic police and receive compensation from the insurance company. The insurance company will be notified of the accident automatically. To do this, the two parties to the accident need to download a free mobile application from the     

  • Registration up to 15 minutes
  • Without calling the traffic police
  • No visit to the insurance company
  • Payouts in up to 6 days

Video instruction of the application Europrotocol

Mandatory conditions for Europrotocol

  • Mobile numbers of the participants of the accident are registered in the Mobile Citizens Database;
  • The amount of repair of the injured party for 2024 does not exceed 369 thousand tenge (not more than 100 MRP);
  • No harm was caused to life or health of citizens;
  • Only vehicles are damaged as a result of the accident (without damage to other property);
  • Both participants of the accident have valid compulsory automobile insurance policies;
  • There are no disagreements between the drivers regarding the list of damages and circumstances of the road accident.

If at least one of the parties to the accident does not have an insurance policy, it is suggested to call traffic police officers to process the accident.

Step-by-step instructions
The application "Europrotocol" must be downloaded by two participants of the road accident in the     
Before registering in the Europrotocol mobile application, make sure that the mobile numbers of the participants of the accident are registered in the Mobile Citizens Database (MCD).

How to register in the Mobile Citizens Base? 
1 way. Registration in the database of mobile citizens through the portal eGov.kz
2 way. Registration of new users in the BMG through eGov mobile application


In order to issue a traffic accident notice, two participants must register in the Europrotocol application.
When registering, the participant of the accident gives consent to the collection and processing of his personal data by controlling access to personal data via SMS 1414.

Leaflet on simplified procedure for settling insurance claims - Europrotocol

For questions regarding the application of the Europrotocol, please call

2570 - The service is free of charge for all operators in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

+7 (727) 339 3188.

Europrotocol contact center - ✆ 2570 +7 727 339 3188 +7 727 248 0631 +7 727 393 2570