НomeFund's 20thRebranding


In honour of its 20th anniversary in August, JSC "Insurance Payment Guarantee Fund" (hereinafter - the Fund) updated its corporate identity. IPGF's new corporate identity is more modern, light and laconic. The purpose of the Fund's rebranding was to create a creative, memorable style for successful positioning in the insurance market, as well as to develop cooperation and relations with the world's leading institutions that guarantee insurance payments.


The graphic element is a composite figure in which literally everything has a meaning. It is the square - a symbol of stability, guarantee, reliability and security.

The white lines are a stylised generalisation of the abbreviation IPGF and the main word of the Fund's name - KEPIL in a single form - a symbol of unity, unification of the many.

The semantic meaning of the word KEPIL is guarantee. It implies that the Insurance Guarantee Fund provides financial stability and compensation to its clients in the event of insurance situations. The symbolism indicates that the Fund is ready to make payments and compensations to help clients recover their financial losses.

The mark is designed in the form of a basic pictogram composed of linear elements inscribed in a square.


The trademark is the basis for the creation of the logo of the Insurance Benefits Guarantee Fund. The mark is intended to be used both as a stand-alone element and as part of the logo.

It is of the utmost importance to respect the integrity of the Brand Mark: it must not be added to or otherwise altered.

The use of a font signature (without the trademark) as a stand-alone element is permitted but not recommended.

The safe area is the minimum free space required for the logotype block to retain its clarity, precision and visual integrity.

No other graphic or text should be placed within this area.

It is recommended that the free space around the logotype is twice the size of the safe area.

A complete guide to the use of the logo in the appropriate formats can be found in this file


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